Are You Ready to Fail?

Are You Ready to Fail?

Most businesses fail in their first year and the rest just get lucky.

Unless you started out with massive seed money, chances are you worry about the success of your business today as much as you did in that first month. The difference now is you have so much more at stake.  

What can you do to help ensure you will succeed where others failed?

Strong leaders learn early they cannot thrive on their own, so they find experts to join their team.  This is exactly why big corporations voraciously recruit top talent and reap equal rewards.

That’s just smart business.

“… a few minutes of objective conversation could have made a big difference in that company’s bottom line.”

Would you be shocked to learn you can do this, even on a modest budget? Right now, exceptional talent is out there harnessing a new work model, splitting their time among just a few clients. This is a golden opportunity for you to recruit top professionals with excellent insight at a fraction of the cost.

Gloria Dioum, the principal consultant at Joseph Management Inc., offers small business coaching service for businesses facing tough challenges in just this way. Her expertise and deep financial insight have been a literal game-changer for clients and all at a competitive price.

“I often see clients frustrated and overworked,” she says. “My job is to help them reassess their position, financial or otherwise, to capture opportunities they may miss.”

Ms. Dioum has the keen insight to see what others overlook and helps leaders avoid common missteps that sink other businesses well before their time.

“I’m often amazed when I hear what caused a business to fail or achieve less than they could have. It’s tragic that a few minutes of objective conversation could have made a big difference in that company’s bottom line.”

No one expects you to have all the answers as a business owner. However, it is your responsibility to make good decisions and get the facts. Having a strong forward-looking position through objective analysis from a business coach with a proven record of success can help protect all that you worked so hard to achieve.

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