Fractional CFO Services for Small Businesses

Fractional CFO Services for Small Businesses

Preparation and experience create a clear path forward

Headlines today couldn’t be more dire as business analysts scramble to explain yet another market correction alongside the economy-crushing supply chain debacle.  Billionaires will recover, but not so the perilous small business.

In a Q3 2021 nation-wide survey of small businesses owners, over 70% of responses cited financial concerns as their primary worry. Everything from tax rates to slow sales and rising inflation was top of mind for most entrepreneurs. It is no wonder as most small businesses operate on a razor-thin margin and cannot afford too many financial missteps.

This is precisely why the emergence of fractional chief financial officers (Fractional CFO) are so timely and vital for the success, and sanity, in these modern times.

A Fractional CFO  is a professional consultant dedicated to a small number of clients. They split their time in the same way legal professions do, with a small retainer or prearranged schedule. In this way, the  Fractional CFO hones their skills in a specific niche or industry while lowering overall costs for businesses.

This is so much more than basic accounting and bookkeeping. The Fractional CFO acts as your strategic advisor, providing in-depth analysis, forward-looking guidance and even personalized tutoring for entrepreneurs.

What’s more, the Fractional CFO helps you understand your business, cash flows and patterns on a deeper level. Insight is predictive, removing uncertainty, and that can mean a world of difference in volatile markets like the one we face today.

Low cost, high value expertise makes it an easy decision to make a call today. Even if you are just curious about gaining an honest assessment of your business, there is no better time than right now to get solid advice to keep your business on solid footing.

You can be confident no matter what lies ahead.  

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