Advice from Your Next CFO

Advice from Your Next CFO

Global firms did not start that way. Most were small companies like yours, led by passionate entrepreneurs with a vision and an eye toward personal freedom. So how did these titans become ubiquitous recognized brands and enjoy effective tax rates near zero while your business still struggles under a 27 – 32% tax rate?

They hired a competent, knowledgeable Chief Financial Officer (CFO) early on. This vital role is a necessary component toward growth, and ultimately, personal success for business owners.

The insight and strategic advice afforded to leaders comes from the vision and strategic insight only a professional financial analyst has. In this way, the CFO is the single most valuable team member your business must have to avoid costly errors and the pitfalls of burnout that plague so many entrepreneurs today.

Hiring a part time, or fractional CFO is an easy way toward gaining a low overhead, high value asset that will be instrumental in navigating uncertainties now and in the future.

Take this brief survey to see where you stand as a business owner right now:

  1. Do you collect a regular paycheck on a set schedule?
  2. Do you have a retirement account you regularly make deposits into?
  3. Do you know, right now, what your business cash flow position is and what the cash flow cycle will be next week? Next month
  4. Do you sometimes commingle business and personal accounts, even to cover unforeseen expenses?
  5. Do you have a plan for profits and have you reinvested in the business?

It is perfectly normal to either be apprehensive or defensive when honestly responding to the questions above. No business owner can know everything and even seasoned professionals need strategic guidance.

In fact, every business owner deserves an opportunity to experience success  that is afforded through a strategic partnership with a trusted CFO.

The truth is good leaders are forged and receive timely advice from trusted experts. Isn’t it time you invested in yourself and your business with Fractional CFO services from a knowledgeable professional? 

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